At Highgate we assure you that we go the extra mile with our FREE Pickup service as standard. So if you are struggling to get to the school run then we are here for you.

Highgate Day Nursery in Uplands Pickup Service

At Highgate Day Nursery we make sure to go the extra mile when looking after your children. We offer many benefits including the use of our FREE Childcare Pickup service.

If you can not for any reason take or pickup your children from school we will make sure to be there as your helping hand. We have found that this is a great way to help our Mums and Dads relax and help them complete their daily tasks or commitments.


Morning Nursery Pickup

Afternoon Nursery Pickup

Infant School Day Pickup

Completely FREE service

Enquire about a placement for you child today


Did you know,
you may qualify for FREE childcare...

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