12 weeks to 2 years. Our youngest children have lots of space to grow and explore their environment. We have sleep and rest areas, two spacious and very well equipped activity/ play areas and a creative / dining area! READ MORE…

The areas are developed to reflect the foundation phase curriculum. The wide variety of equipment is constantly updated and includes sensory / natural equipment to fit in with our holistic approach to caring for our youngest children. Babies have daily feed  back sheets as communication with parents is of utmost importance.

Our babies enjoy baby yoga sessions and outdoor play on a regular basis. Our babies are encouraged to work toward independence and reach their potential. Each baby has their own development targets and direct observations of the babies helps us record development milestones.


Once our children are aged two years we organise a gradual transition to our toddlers. We offer the same curriculum as our baby floor but concentrate more on intellectual development and independence.READ MORE…

Our toddlers enjoy regular forest school sessions as part of their weekly routine. The children love to learn and explore their natural environment, whatever the weather.

Children are taught to  help plan their activities and learn life skill such as identifying their belongings, pouring their own drink and lots more.

Activities are based around a topic. An example is “mini beasts”. As part of this topic the children learnt about the life cycle of a caterpillar, with real caterpillars. This project culminated with their butterfly going free in forest school.

Our aim for as many activities as possible to be child lead with the team supporting the children to develop their own ideas.


Our pre schoolers have their own wing of the building. By this age our children are encouraged to be as independent as possible. Their choose their menu, learn about healthy eating and lifestyle and prepare their own snacks! READ MORE…

We recently achieved the healthy snack award for pre schoolers.

They also grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Forest school is a big part of their day.

Their learning space is divided into areas of learning with specific foundation phase equipment.

Maths- including resources in English and Welsh. We also encourage children to learn maths through sand, water and our door activities.

Language- emphasis in words around us and developing language / pre writing skills.

Small world/ construction- our children have the freedom to plan and develop these area. This area will include natural objects and resources the staff and children have made themselves.

Creative are- the children explore paint, clay, sand and water. We encourage our children to prepare and clear away activities.


Four gardens and a fabulous courtyard. We have a large semi wild forest school area. The areas are safe and secure but offer the freedom to explore. Our babies have their own garden area.

Welsh Speaking Team

We have welsh speaking staff members in the nursery and encourage incidental welsh during activities. There are many signs in English and Welsh and we provide welsh language training for our team. Welsh culture and language is part of our short and long term planning.

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