Where do I start, what an incredible nursery ! I cannot thank the staff enough for their efforts and attention to my little girl Tillie. The comfort of dropping her off in the morning knowing she absolutely adores every single member of staff. The girls feel like family members and the quality of care provided is unbeatable. We are so grateful to have found such a wonderful place that not only provides our little one with a fun, loving environment but also unwavering support to us as working parents.

Sophie Butler Via Facebook

I can’t believe the little baby that came to you at 10 months old is going to school next week and it’s her last full day tomorrow! I would like to thank the whole team for being superb over the past three and a half years. Working full time can be tricky but knowing you have reliable childcare that your daughter loves to go to has made it so much easier, so thank you so much! Fingers crossed school and school pick ups goes smoothly (no pressure Auntie Amy)!

Lynne Watson Via Facebook

After loads of looking around nurserys I decided that highgate in morriston looked and felt the most friendly and happy place for children to be. i am so thankful I placed my little boy Louie here, he’s been going for around 2 months now and he absolutely loves it considering he is only 10 months old I have never had a tear from him when handing him over to the girls he’s happy to stay and play!! even when he did his settlement days the girls were happy for me to stay with him and see how he settled! the girls genuinely seem to love their jobs and are always happy and inviting. after dreading leaving my baby to go back to work I no longer have that feeling and am so relaxed knowing Louie is in the best hands!!.. Sarah, Bethany and Courtney from the baby room are amazing and Louie seems to adore them as much as they adore him!!.. thank you so much highgate for putting a worried mum’s head at peace! me and Louie are truly greatful � xxx

Jessica WilliamsVia Facebook

There is no price you can put on being able to drop your children off at their nursery and feel absolutely sure they are in safe hands. My two daughters have so much fun at Highgate and it genuinely feels like an extended family. All the staff know all the children and are aware of all their milestones. It is always clean and bright, well run and welcoming. All the staff are a cut above but particular mention to “Auntie Paula” who all the children adore. She is one of those special people who is firm, sets high expectations yet is so creative and engages so enthusiastically that the children all feel utterly safe in her hands. I trust everyone at Highgate unequivocally with the two most precious things in my life. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Josie MilesVia Facebook

My little boy has been going to Highgate for over 2 and half years now. He loves it- every morning morning we have a lovely welcome . The staff are really friendly and accommodating. He is always bringing home fab artwork from his busy day!! The pictures on the website are a perfect snap shot of how fun learning can be!! I would thoroughly recommend this day nursery. Well done Team highgate.

Karen SillickVia Facebook

What a fantastic team!! My little girl has been in Morriston since April 2014, 4 days a week and absolutely loves it.
The activities are great and also each staff members input into the child’s development is by far outstanding, helping them develop into their own little person. My princess is now a confident little 2 year old.

Well recommended to everyone.

Thank you Highgate

Karen Mcminn-DaviesVia Facebook